Want to Grow Your Idea? Welcome to Fertile Ground.

Omaha startups have a long history of looking forward; understanding the past to better guide the future. The next big thing happens here, in a Midwestern mecca of technology. Here, at the conflux of opportunity and creativity, we don’t need a valley. We have a Silicon Prairie all our own.

As our entrepreneurial ecosystem evolves, breakout success stories emerge, and a new crop of entrepreneurs feels emboldened to launch their ventures here – a place that values collaboration, innovation and acceleration.

The Startup Collaborative

This program meets founders on their own terms and timelines while helping them gain authentic leverage and traction. The Startup Collaborative focuses on helping high-tech, high-growth startups. The goal: to radically improve the odds of startup success.

Kitchen Council

A kitchen incubator for food startups that provides access to a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, educational resources, a member community, events, mentorship and more.

First Customer Network

First Customer Network

A network of established businesses looking to connect with innovative products and services being developed by local startups.

Laser Focused on Startup Success.

You can startup from scratch and build your dream. All the breaks you need are available here.